# NanoQuakeJS

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Season 2

Play Quake 3, Earn Nano

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Choose a Game Username and enter your Nano Address to start playing NanoQuakeJS Season 2

How Do I Play?

  1. Grab a Nano Wallet (Natrium or Nault.cc are great)
  2. Setup your wallet, make sure you've saved your seed and copy your nano address (starts with 'nano')
  3. Choose a Username and enter it and your nano address into the form and hit Go
  4. Follow the custom link to Play QuakeJS
  5. For each frag in the game you'll get a Nano reward!

Top Scores

  1. mitschi: 2898
  2. ^1zed: 2274
  3. f2: 1860
  4. brah: 1840
  5. steamyp: 1206

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